The Future of Warfare

To readers of THE ACTIVITY:

Today, THE ACTIVITY #15 is released.  In it, you’ll get goodness like this:

(Click here for a full preview)

Up next is the super-sized Issue 16.  In the meantime, we the creators want to fill you in on the near-future of this series.

We have not solicited anything beyond issue 16, aside from Vol 3 (What do you mean you haven’t pre-ordered it for a super low price???).  And as you’ll discover this week, Mitch and myself have another project, a very exciting one, which will take our time and attention away from The Activity for a while.  It’s a great opportunity for us to drive some readership back to this very special series we’ve poured so much time and effort into for the past two years.

Don’t worry: you haven’t seen the end of the The Activity and we have some great announcements coming soon regarding the series.  In part stepping away allows some things to fall into place (that will all make sense soon, but for now those details are CLASSIFIED!).  In the meantime, you can check out our killer website, and be sure not to miss the SIGINT FILES Brent Schoonover has illustrated for it (they’re hidden on the map and expand the story!).  More up soon.

Also in the meantime we will be collecting the third Volume and perhaps a special collector’s edition…

As always: fans, readers, soldiers: you guys rock and we’re so proud to be sharing the global exploits of TEAM OMAHA with you.

There are exciting things in store for the future.  For now, check out issue 15 today, issue 16, and then we anticipate you’ll be nice and excited by what we’re offering next.  You’ll hear about it online this week.

You can always write us, too! There’s a link on the website.

Oh, and don’t forget the store.


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